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Anne Löscher - Master Plurale Ökonomik Siegen

Anne Löscher

Hintergrund: B.A. und B.Sc. in Politikwissenschaften und VWL von der Universität Halle (Saale) mit Studienaufenthalten in Krakau (Polen) und Addis Abeba (Äthiopien). M.Sc. in Empirische Ökonomik und Politikberatung ebenfalls von der Universität Halle (Saale) sowie M.Sc. in Economics with Reference to Africa von der School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS; London).

Kontakt: anne.loescher[at]uni-siegen.de

Promotionsthema: Finance and Development in (Times of) Crisis

The research looks at the nexus between the evolution of the financial sector, overall development and crisis. It does so with particular focus on African economies before and after the outbreak of the financial crisis 2007/08. The issue will be shed light on from different perspectives in three papers. The first paper analyses the interaction between the financial sector and the ‘productive economy’ against the backdrop of processes of financialisation. The second paper shifts its focus from the private to the public sector and assesses the Eurobond-issuance of many African governments after the outbreak of the financial crisis. Here, theories taking currency hierarchies and flight to quality into account are of particular interest. The last paper then sketches a possible solution for stagnation many developing and emerging economies face and traces a monetary reform which aims to solve and prevent future crises.